As a digital and strategic communications expert with over 10 years of experience, Michelle enjoys bringing unique voices to the fore and collaborating with those who seek to enact real, meaningful change. Throughout her career, her thread of meaning rests within the desire to help people shape policy, share their stories, and leverage their expertise to gain influence within the industries they serve. 

Michelle has traveled extensively and worked abroad in Slovenia, South Korea, and Germany. Her work in international spaces gives her not only text-book policy knowledge, but nuanced experiential insights which cannot be taught only inside a classroom. 

She has worked in and with a variety of industries, including the healthcare, foreign affairs, and financial sectors. Through a strategic communications lens, Michelle has developed a well-rounded and grounded approach when targeting the audiences clients most want to reach, allowing them to fully compete in an increasingly complex world. 

The people using Instagram to find a life-saving kidney donor

Healthcare + Social Media. Interviewed by Tech Reporter Kari Paul to discuss how people in need of a living kidney donor use social media to spread the word and find a match.
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