Deutschlandjahr - Wunderbar Together

From April 2018 to October 2019 I worked on all communications for the public diplomacy campaign Wunderbar Together (Deutschlandjahr), also known as the Year of German American Friendship. Working out of the headquarters in Washington D.C. our team brought an authentic German experience to Americans across the United States. 

This page gives an overview of the campaign and includes a few highlights from the public-facing work I did. A lot of my effort though, was put into strategy behind the scenes through program management, editorial production, content creation, message development, research, and analytics. 


Wunderbar Together is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by the Goethe-Institut, and supported by the Federation of German Industries (BDI). 

Working with over 200 partners, this initiative showcases the close bonds between the US and Germany through over 1,000 events in all 50 states. Through painting a picture of everything German-American relations stand for, including science, the arts, culture, language, business, and sports, the Deutschlandjahr seeks to create an exchange of ideas with all Americans, not only in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles but also in the heart of the country.

Wunderbar Together looks forward to celebrating with Americans across the country! Join in the experience and share your German-American story at


Wunderbar: A Celebration of German Films – Wunderbar Together

The 69th annual Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin, Germany was last week. Couldn’t make it to the German Hauptstadt this year to partake in the festivities? No problem! Let the superbly-curated digital event series Wunderbarfilms transport you there.
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Wunderbar Together Facebook Page
Below is a selection of posts that saw especially strong reach and engagement with our audience. The first graphic is from the year-long Share Your Story sub-campaign which featured stories from our audience on what German-American friendship means to them. The Dirk Nowitzki material was part of a month-long social media caption contest. The winner ( = most-liked caption) received a signed jersey from the Mavericks' Allstar. 

Mission: Our motto is "Wunderbar Together" (wonderful together) because we believe Germany and the U.S. do better together rather than apart. Our deep ties in culture, economics, and politics are proof of the success of this sustained cooperation over the last 50 years. We seek to highlight the benefits of this relationship and show how the lasting and positive impacts of this friendship have been a point of strength for the partners.

Spoonfuls of Germany Facebook Photo Album: Summer Edition
Curated by Michelle Offik and Derek Jackson. All photos courtesy of © Nadia Hassani, Spoonfuls of Germany. 

Looking to spice up your summer barbeque or dinner party with something different? Check out this delectable array of German recipes from our food blog Spoonfuls of Germany. This inspiring cuisine will keep everyone "satt" (full) and guests wondering where you learned to become such a culinary master. Enjoy! #WunderbarTogether

All recipes can be found at

There is nothing like a perfectly-mixed cocktail to kick off the summer. Try a fresh spritz of Spoonful's Peach and White Wine Punch (Pfirsichbowle). For maximum effect, steep the fruit in white wine for several hours, mix with sparkling wine or champagne, and voila! Deliciousness in a Tasse. 
The Hugo Cocktail also makes a great summer apertif. Hugo is made of Prosecco, seltzer water, and either elderflower or lemon balm syrup. 

As Spoonfuls notes, "A barman in Tyrol invented the cocktail in 2005. From there it crossed the Alps and conquered Germany’s hip bars."

Another great summer option is the Sweet Woodruff White Wine Punch (Waldmeisterbowle). This recipe incorporates woodruff, a sweet herb popular in springtime in Germany. Sweet woodruff syrup is used in German recipes to flavor (in small amounts) drinks, desserts, and cakes. 

Perfect for a sunny mid-summer July 4th BBQ, Currywurst Ketchup peps up any standard American hotdog. 

Need some food history trivia to impress your friends while you grill? The roots of currywurst stem from East Berlin. As Spoonfuls notes, "It was one of the few foods that were available on either side of the Iron Curtain even during the Cold War although the traditional East German version of Currywurst was without the casing." 

For the classier folk, try Chicken in Riesling with Grapes (Woihinkelche). Sourcing the best bottle of Riesling can be an adventure in itself. Spoonfuls has scoped out some interesting American vineyards that make a great wine base for this dish! 

Don't forget the Torte! Gooseberry is quintessential German, and makes a great summer Nachtisch (dessert). Though many think of Apple Struedel or Black Forest Cake when they think of German desserts, the Gooseberry might be the cuisine's best kept little secret and is definitely worth a taste. 

Pictured here is the Hannchen Jensen Cake (Hannchen Jensen Torte, Schwimmbadtorte). 

Do you know what this is? Clue: it isn't pasta.
Not sure yet? It's still not pasta ...
Served in "virutally every ice-cream parlor in Germany", your European-infused summer gathering is not complete without Spaghetti Ice-Cream (Spaghetti-Eis). This squiggly ice cream treat is beloved across the country, and might be reason enough to book that ticket to Germany asap. 

Wunderbar Together Instagram Story: PopUp Tour Chicago
For the campaign's PopUp Tour event in April/May, I went to Chicago to work with the PopUp team, capturing footage for the official Wunderbar Together Instagram channel. This image compilation highlights a variety of content that was featured on the campaign's Story feed. 

About PopUp Tour Chicago: The PopUp Tour is a centerpiece of Germany Week and the official roadshow of ‘Wunderbar Together / The Year of German- American Friendship’. The PopUp Tour combines an impressive culture tent with mobile presentation modules, and various flexible pop-up edutainment elements. Through business conferences, panel discussions, culinary programs, science slams, art exhibits, and concerts to interactive student-focused events, the PopUp Tour provides entertainment for all. The PopUp Tour highlights the many ways our two countries make each other stronger through cultural, economic and business ties.